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Apple ProFile, Apple Widget, Sun20 -- these parallel port hard drives use a proprietary interface protocol to connect to historically important Apple computers, namely:

As the original drives are now 20+ years old and new repair-parts are long unavailable, it is no wonder that the number of working units is dwindling. This style of hard drive is essential for most Lisa operating environments and the Apple /// SOS, so a solution was sought to maintain operability of these legacy computers.

We set out to develop a long-term solution to this problem, with emphasis on maximum compatibility, flexibility, and performance. The result is the X/ProFile.



The X/ProFile provides an interface between the Apple parallel interface protocol and economical, readily available, and better performing IDE storage devices.

With the X/ProFile you can:

In addition, when using the X/ProFile, a much larger drive can be used with some operating systems -- you can use up to:

To maintain collector value, when mounting the X/ProFile in an original Apple product, no irreversible modifications are required. The universal form-factor allows mounting:

Standard 40 pin IDE header and mounting holes allow easy installation of:

Compact Flash socket can be used for:

X/ProFile includes:

Power Supply Considerations

When installing in a Lisa computer: There are two main versions of the Lisa power supply, the higher capacity "DataPower" power supply is strongly recommended when any hard drive is installed internally in the Lisa, however working "DataPower" power supplies are in short supply. Compact Flash cards provide rugged and inexpensive storage, and of particular importance for those Lisa computers with the lower capacity power supply, CF cards have much low power consumption than hard drives, making internal installation of the X/ProFile practical.

When installing in an original Apple ProFile case, the X/ProFile Regulator (available separately) is required. In addition to providing power supply regulation, the X/ProFile Regulator facilitates mounting a hard disk beside the original power supply.

X/ProFile Regulator

X/ProFile Regulator includes:

Pricing, Availability, and Ordering

The X/ProFile is available exclusively from Vintage Micros, contact John Woodall:

Revisions, Bugs, and Issues

The current X/ProFile Firmware revision is 121-03

Known Bugs and Issues



These manuals are in Acrobat PDF format. Requires Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later.

  1. X/ProFile Operation Manual (November 8, 2005) 0.4 MB
  2. X/ProFile Installation Manual (November 8, 2005) 1.9 MB
  3. X/ProFile Regulator Manual (November 8, 2005) 2.8 MB


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